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mildred b cooper chapel painting

Best Seller

The Traditional

Our most popular Package that includes one regular sized acrylic painting (either 16x20 or 22x28) of a single moment in your wedding.

This includes:

- 100 miles of travel

- Detailed portrait of the wedding couple

- Shipping (unless destination wedding or shipping not in the contiguous US)

- 2-3 hours of painting before ceremony, and painting up to 4 hours during reception

- Up to 4 hours of studio work 

The Bouquet

For a budget friendly option, I have a package where I paint your beautiful bridal bouquet as a keepsake.

This package includes:

- 2 hours of travel

- Detailed painting of bridal bouquet

- 11x14 or 16x20 canvas

- 4 hours of painting during the reception


The Statement Piece

For those that want a statement piece with extra details and an extra flourish, this is the one for you! Choose any size canvas (up to 36x48!) for something that will really wow the guests. This package includes:

- 200 miles of travel

- Detailed painting of the wedding couple and guests

- See the whole reception or ceremony unfold with impressions of all the guests

- Perfect for those wanting to include children, pets, parents and grandparents.

- 3-4 hours of painting before the ceremony, and up to 5 hours of painting during the reception

- Up to 10 hours of studio work

- Shipping (unless destination wedding or shipping not in the contiguous US)

Watercolor Guest Portraits

Price Per Painting

This makes a unique wedding favor and thank you to guests. Plus it's a fun way to entertain them between dances.

Paintings can also include thank you cards and shipping. Don't worry about sending hundreds of thank you cards after your wedding! Contact me for more info on pricing and what is included in this package.

Watercolor Guest Portraits

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