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  • How does the event live painting process work?
    Step 1: Contact Me Fill out the contact form here on my website. That will get you in contact with me so we can start the process! I will send you a proposal and contract. Once you pay the $250 deposit, you will officially be in my calendar! Step 2: Plan your moment! Your wedding will be full of iconic moments. Do you want to memorialize your ceremony with a classic "I Do" portrait? Or would you rather I capture the romance of your first dance? First looks are always a favorite of mine, too! Most importantly, I'll want to know what your dream painting would look like. About 1-2 months out from your wedding, we will have a zoom call where we will go into all the details. No worries, I come prepared and will make sure that we come up with something special. Step 3: The Big Day I will arrive at your venue 1-3 hours early (depending on size of painting, and whether I am painting the ceremony or reception). I will take in the scenery, backdrop, flower arrangements and overall feel of your wedding. I will sketch in some of the background and basics so that I can start painting you during your big moment! Your guests will love watching the painting come to life through the night. I love an audience! Step 4: Back to the Studio After your wedding, I will take the mostly finished art piece back to my studio. This will allow me to make any adjustments, add details, and varnish the painting to protect it for a lifetime. I ask for 2 months after your wedding to finish it, although it usually takes me less than that. Step 5: Shipped to You I will finish your painting and ship it to you for FREE. Or if you are local, you can pick up your painting. Your painting will be ready to grace your walls and your home.
  • What art medium do you work in?
    I use acrylics!
  • Do you charge for travel?
    All my packages include some travel (100 miles for the traditional package, 200 miles for the statement piece). Anything beyond that, including hotels, air travel, and/or extra miles, will be sent as part of the proposal and contract. And yes! I do travel! I would love to come to your destination wedding.
  • Do you do commissioned portraits that aren't "live"?"
    Yes! For 50% of the live event price, I will paint your special moment from a photo or collection of photos. The bonus of a painting, is it is really easy to customize the composition! I can get rid of the cell phones, add in a pet, or even combine photos.
  • Do you do events besides weddings?
    Yes! Corporate events, birthdays etc. I can do it all! I also do charity events for reduced pricing. The painting makes a good auctionable item for events!
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